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What file formats does Bracha Printing accept?

Currently, supports the following file formats for uploaded designs:

  • Bitmap Image (.bmp)
  • JPEG Image* (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • TIF Image** (.tif)
  • Photoshop* (.psd) * Email only
  • Adobe Illustrator (.eps,.ai) * Email only
  • PDF (.pdf) * Email only

*For JPG, keep your files in CMYK format. Also, be sure to save your files at the highest quality settings (10 -12). The JPG file format lends itself for high quality images with small file sizes.

**TIF files are larger, but allow you to stay in a CMYK work environment and usually allows for better color reproduction when printing.

For optimal results, use clear sharp photographs. Do not increase the physical size of your image before uploading it. This will degrade the quality of the image and make it fuzzy. Try to upload an image that you can reduce in size as this will result in a much sharper image the majority of the time.

What is resolution?

Resolution determines the quality of your image. A high-resolution image is clear and shows more detail, so it will reproduce better on your Bracha Printing products. Image resolution is measured in pixels.

What is a pixel?

Pixels are tiny colored dots that make up photos and images. An image becomes sharper as you decrease its size. Your image must be at least 200 dpi (dots per inch) in order to be uploaded. (We recommend 300 dpi)

Can you print QR Codes?

Yes, we print Flat QR Codes only. We prefer them to be vector files on your artwork. We suggest using

What are the file size requirements for business cards?

Files must be at least 3.5×2. If Bleed 3.625 x 2.125. Files must be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch)

Why won’t my files upload?

Your file may not upload for the following reasons:

  • The file format is incorrect. The formats allowed for Bracha Printing products are .JPG, .JPEG, .TIF, and .BMP.
  • The image size is too large or too small.
  • The file size is too large. Files must be 14MB or smaller.
What are the limitations that apply to the usage of images found on

Images are limited to production by Bracha Printing. Images cannot be downloaded for any reason. Images cannot be incorporated into a logo, trademark or service mark. Any images featuring a model that are used in a manner that would lead a reasonable person to believe that the model personally uses or endorses a product or service or portrays the model in an unfavorable or overly controversial way, must include a statement indicating that the person in the image is a model and is only being used for illustrative purposes. No images may be used in a pornographic, defamatory or otherwise illegal manner, whether directly or in context or juxtaposition with other materials.

What should I be Aware of with Trim and Bleed

Two very important things you want to AVOID:

  • A white border around the edge of your image.
  • Cutting off any important areas of you image.
How to achieve a Rich Black Color in my prints?

You should make sure your blacks have CMYK values of at least the follow: C 60 M 50 Y 50 K 100

How do i make make sure my blues do not come out purple?

When using a blue in your design, always make sure to leave at least a 30% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values.

For instance: 100% C 70% M 0% Y 0% K

Blue is close to purple in the CMYK spectrum. Remember, use a low amount of magenta whenever using high amounts of cyan to avoid purple.

What is trim?

Trim is the final dimensions of the paper once it has been cut. Trim marks indicate where the cut will be.

What is bleed?

Bleed is an image that goes to the edge of a piece of paper. Having a bleed prevents your image from reproducing with a white border.

Should I use CMYK or RGB?

Each color space has a defined gamut – a range of possible colors. There is no single color space that can reproduce all the colors from the entire spectrum whether working in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (which printers call “Key”) or RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

CMYK color spaces typically have color gamuts that are slightly smaller than RGB spaces. That means fewer colors, and usually less vivid colors. The benefit, however, is that a color space such as SWOP CMYK has a color gamut that is achievable by almost all CMYK printing devices. This is helpful in terms of color consistency if jobs are to be printed across different print devices. Keeping to a CMYK color space for line art or vector art can also improve the match from image color to spot color (such as PANTONE) and preserving or editing the black channel is also possible when the color space is CMYK.

RGB color spaces are generally larger than CMYK spaces and able to reproduce more colors that are brighter and saturated in color. RGB color spaces are the preferred color space when jobs are sent to the printer. Keeping files in RGB allows for greater variety of output options, such as web, press or digital print. RGB also means smaller file sizes, which can increase productivity. Most print devices use CMYK inks, however, so at some point the RGB elements will be converted to CMYK. The print shop can generally do the conversion at the RIP just prior to printing, which generally yields the most pleasing results.

Sometimes it’s possible to design artwork using CMYK colors to yield more precise matches and yet keep images in RGB spaces in order to retain more vivid color. RGB and CMYK elements can then be placed into page layout applications such as QuarkXPress or InDesign and then be output in such a way that none of the colors get converted until they should be, at the printer.

What should I know about Color Printing and Proofs

Soft proofing is often used by both designers and pre press operators to make color critical decisions on the monitor. Computer monitors use the RGB (additive) model to display colors. In order to display correctly, a captured image is translated into pixels (picture elements) that can be projected as rays of red, green, and blue light. Digital presses use the CMYK (subtractive) model to produce colors. Cyan, magenta, and yellow dry ink is placed on white reflective paper. Each then absorbs, or subtracts, its opposite color from the white light that it reflects back. Black (K) is primarily used to change the color’s luminosity value (lightness or darkness).

As a result, you will see differences in color from one monitor to another and differences in color from the monitor to the printed output, due to the different the different mediums used for viewing a job (monitor v. ink on paper). The accuracy of color depends upon your specific monitor. We’ve made every effort to represent images of products accurately. Due to the wide range of computer monitors and color displays, you should consider the colors you see on your screen to be representational.

What should I know about Image Resolution Measurements?

For the highest quality output…

All images should be edited, rotated, cropped and sized in an imaging software application such as Adobe Photoshop. Do not resize, crop, rotate or adjust images in page layout applications if possible. Place images into the page layout at 100%.

The recommended image resolution should be no less than 300dpi at the actual finished size. Scale images with bi cubic sampling and crop all images in Photoshop. Do not use page layout applications such as QuarkXPress, or InDesign to make image size adjustments.

Submitting images with higher than needed resolution adds unnecessary processing time, creates larger files and may degrade image quality.

Do not include transfer functions or screen angles unless directed to do so by the print provider. If the job requires specific screen angles or transfer functions, make sure to consult with your print provider to create the best results.

What should I do if I’m not happy with my order?

Bracha Printing  guarantees the quality of its products and services. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from us, contact Customer Service at 888.803.2033 within 5 days of receiving your order (or by the date you were expecting to receive it) and we will refund you the purchase price of the product(s) in question, minus shipping and handling fees.

Bracha Printing is committed to customer satisfaction. While we do everything we can to ensure your happiness, certain circumstances are outside of our control and, consequentially, not covered by our guarantee.

Note: We can not be held accountable for damage to products resulting after delivery or customer errors of any kind, including, but not limited to:

  • Mistakes in spelling, punctuation or grammar.
  • Uploading poor quality or low-resolution images.
  • Design errors made during product creation.
  • Selecting options not intended, i.e. paper stock, quantity or product.

Be sure to carefully review your designs and selections online to correct any errors before placing your order. In order to reduce costs and provide customers with valuable savings, AcceptPrint does not proof customer-created products/documents prior to processing. If a customer requires a hard copy proof, one can be purchased for an additional fee.

Most people are pleased with how well their job matches what they see online. However due to wide differences in monitor calibration and various technologies used, some printed colors may not exactly match the colors on your specific monitor. We endeavor to make your job look its best by printing to a pleasing color standard, using standard in densities. There is no guarantee that your finished piece will approximate your printed sample.

Can I cancel or change my order?

To reduce costs and provide valuable savings to our customers, Bracha Prainting is a completely automated, self-service website. As noted on our website and throughout our checkout process, orders cannot be changed or cancelled once submitted. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please keep in mind, this cuts down on our costs and speeds up our production time, giving customers an incredible value.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Bracha Printing accepts the following payment methods on our secure site: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

What should I do if my computer’s experiencing problems with the Bracha Printing website?

A common reason for experiencing site problems is due to having an older browser. If your browser is older than version 3.0, upgrade to a recent version.

How do I sign into my account?

Click on the link below where you will be prompted to enter your previously registered e-mail addresses and password.

Click here to sign in

Can you send me a bill?

Bracha Printing does not send invoices at this time.

Still need help? Contact Customer Service

What are your shipping costs?

Shipping and processing costs vary by the weight of your order and by the turnaround time you select during checkout.

What countries do you ship to?

Currently we ship to the United States of America, Canada and other Countries per Request.

Does Bracha Printing ship to P.O. Boxes?

No, Bracha Printing does ship to P.O. Boxes. Since P.O. Box delivery can only be done by the USPS, customers shipping to P.O. Boxes must choose the slow shipping method. We ship only UPS.

How do I report an unauthorized purchase or billing error?

If there is a Bracha Printing charge on your credit card statement that you do not recognize please contact our Customer Service Center.

What is the number to Customer Service?


What are Customer Service Hours?

Monday through Friday*, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time

Saturday and Sunday Customer Service is Email only.

What do I do if I received my order, but it is not complete?

After receiving your order, if you believe that it is not complete, please review the details of your order to verify that all items have shipped together.

Contact us at the link below to provide details regarding missing items.

Is the Bracha Printing site secure?

Bracha Printing protects our customers and their information with secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the highest level of security available on the Internet.

SSL is supported by most current browsers. It encrypts information being transmitted via the internet to maintain the privacy and integrity of the messages.

The standard 40-bit or 56-bit encryption supported by Internet explorer 5.0 browser is AcceptPrint’s minimum requirement for transactions. Customers using a different browser should refer to the documentation on security features specific to that browser.

Will you send me a Printed Proof?

Bracha Printing does not provide printed proofs. This is because the cost is not so much the paper but is the Metal plate we make to print your order.